Cruise and Land Excursions

We live in a world of beauty and charm. There is no end to the adventures we can have.

See more than just the ship or hotel

Getting out into the countryside on a trip makes it more memorable and lets you see a lot more of the culture, the people, and the "feel" of the places you are visiting.  

Book ahead to see the sights

A new friend just returned from a cruise and was lamenting that she didn't get to do what she wanted in one of the ports because the excursion was full.  I felt badly for her, because it would have been so simple to book an excursion before she ever set foot on the ship, and would have been sure she could do the side trip she wanted to do.  

Optional excursions

Whether a cruise or a tour package, there are always optional places to see and things to do.  From touring a winery to swimming with dolphins to ancient ruins to beautiful gardens to zip-lines, there are many adventures available.  Tour companies and cruise ships offer several options.  But personally, I like smaller, more intimate groups, so I recommend using ShoreTrips for most of my clients.  

On a trip to Alaska, for example, there were two large buses from the cruise ship going to the train and then bringing folks back from Canada, where the train terminated.  We rode the same train, but there were only 15 of us on our bus.  On the way back to the ship, our driver saw moose off to the side of the road and pulled over so we could get out and take pictures.  Meanwhile, the cruise ship's buses drove right past us with all the people's faces pressed against the windows.  We also got a stop at a lovely botanical garden, and still returned to the ship in plenty of time for sailing, and paid a little less than than the other folks on the ship.  

Like I said, I prefer something special instead of being one of the herd...

So here's my recommendation...

Check out ShoreTrips by clicking on the button below to see the wonderful options offered for the area you will be visiting.  Their trips are usually just a little less than others offered, and are equal or better quality, and they often have trips that the cruise ships or package tours do not.  Their instructions are easy to follow.  Just print out a copy of your voucher to take with you.  Feel free to call me at 678.615.3514 if you have any questions.